Tanahlot Bali

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a one of famous tourist spot in Bali and offers the beauty of nature. Tanah Lot is a beautiful place to watch the sunset (sunset), especially after afternoon; the tourists are usually crowded to see the beauty of the sunset here. Tanah Lot is located at Beraban Village, Tabanan province, about one hour journey from Bali International airport. At Tanah Lot, there are two temple located on top of the cliff that jutted into the sea. This cliff temple connects with the land and shaped like a bridge (arch). Tanah Lot temple is a place of worships the gods of Baruna, the sea guards. From the parking lot to the temple area met many art shops and food stalls or just a tavern. Also available is a clean toilet that the rent is cheap enough for even domestic tourists’ pockets.

Temple ceremony or feast day is celebrated in this temple once every 210 days, the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan is precisely on Holy Days Buda Semeng Langkir.

According to the legend, during 15 Century, priest Nirartha during his travel along the south coast, found the place with beautiful setting and rested there. He meet some fisherman’s and spent some days with them and at the end, he asked the fisherman to build the temple, devoted to Sea God. At this time, that there are many snakes guard this place until now and protect the place from evil spirits and intruder. It is belief that the snakes were created from the scarfs of Priest Nirata.